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I have been INO’s Vice-President, Corporate Affairs since December 2009. Responsible for legal affairs, I am also in charge of the protection and management of intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer negotiations. Moreover, I am responsible for the communications service, for the Quality and Conformity department, and serve as the company’s Secretary as well as Company Security Officer. I also sit on the management committee of the incubator Quantino.
Before joining INO, I was a partner with McCarthy Tétrault where I practised for 15 years mainly in the field of intellectual property and technology law, and the acquisition and financing of technological companies. In addition, I was a trademark agent.
During my career, I gave a number of lectures and published various articles on intellectual property and the law on technology. I also served as an officer and director of a number of companies. I am currently the Chair of the Licensing Executives Society’s Quebec chapter, member of Université Laval’s consulting committee on the protection of innovations, and a member of Axelys’ advising committee on Development and Transfer.
My interest in IP first started during my college studies, when I wrote an essay on neighbouring rights that won the Julien-Chouinard prize and was published in the “Revue juridique des étudiant(e)s de l’Université Laval.” Thereafter, as much in private practice as in my role at INO, I had (and still have!) the pleasure of assisting and advising companies in the valorisation of their IP assets.
Convinced that the diffusion of knowledge allows a society to progress, I have shared my passion as a conference speaker, lecturer and in my role within the Licensing Executives Society. My involvement with FORPIQ continues in this path, first as a participant in many editions, then as a speaker (2019) and now as a member of the Board since 2020.



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