Philippe Boivin

BIOGRAPHY   I have been INO’s Vice-President, Corporate Affairs since December 2009. Responsible for legal affairs, I am also in charge of the protection and management of intellectual [...]

Damien Calvet

BIOGRAPHY   I am a chemist and patent agent, and I have been practicing in the field of intellectual property (IP) for over 17 years. I became involved in FORPIQ after participating in the [...]

Martin Couillard

BIOGRAPHY   I am a life science specialist (Ph. D. in biochemistry) with professional experience in management of intellectual property (I.P.), technology transfer, and knowledge [...]

David Durand

BIOGRAPHY   As a lawyer and trademark agent, I use my science and law background to advise clients in various corporate, technology and IP related matters. I have negotiated, drafted and [...]

James Duffy

BIOGRAPHY   I am a lawyer and patent agent working for Lavery Avocats in Montreal. As a lawyer, I provide clients with legal advice and opinions regarding intellectual property matters. As a [...]

Dominique Lambert

BIOGRAPHY   What does a curious chemist, passionate about innovation and diversity, who doesn’t want to limit herself to one specific field do? She becomes a patent agent! Now working for [...]

Caroline Lefebvre

BIOGRAPHY   I am an Intellectual property advisor for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) since 2007. As such, I raise awareness, inform, and train various groups, such as [...]